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Post Info TOPIC: The Movie Top Ten.

"Gamers don't sleep. They just nap between levels."

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Date: May 31, 2006
The Movie Top Ten.

Place your Top ten list in this thread.


"Gamers don't sleep. They just nap between levels."

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Date: May 31, 2006

Here's my top 10 movies of all time.

1. The LOTR trilogy. They are all one to me. I can't see any being good without the rest, but together they are phenominal.

2. Platoon. Everything about his movie depicts some of the things dealt with by our brave soldiers over in "the Nam".

3. Final Fantasy "Advent Children". Best CG movie ever. Shows the future of the animated movie industry.

4. Kingdom of Heaven. Fantastic movie in so many ways.

5. Akira. This is still the standard for all Anime movies being made to this day. Movies of all types have used this as reference material.

6. Pirates of the Carribean. My choice for my most re-watched movie of the last 4 years. I love all aspects of this show. Makes for a great love story and action all together.

7. The Star Wars series. Again I love some individual ones, but together they make everything better.

8.Dogma. Yeah I know eveyone thinks I'd put one of the Smith movies higher. This is the best of all so far. Great humor, and I love the storyline.

9. Finding Nemo. Best American animated movie to date. One of the few movies I'll re-watch with my daughter whenever she wants to see it.

10. Saving Private Ryan. The best WWII movie ever. Tom hanks is great, and the story is stuff of true legend. Told in a way that carried me with them. Became I believe the pre-cursor to the best TV series based on that war..."Band of Brothers"

Mock me if you wish, but that's my choices.


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Date: May 31, 2006

sweeeeeeet let me be the first to do this :D

1) Lord of the Rings Trilogy, all 3 of them cause i can't separate em, they are wonderful is all can say

2)Original Star Wars Trilogy, was obsessed with these as a kid growing up in the 80's nuff said

3) Titanic, yes i know but i LOVE this movie and still do to this day

4) Say Anything, hands down the best of the 80's teen movies. Llyod holds the radio so Diane can hear from her bedroom, it don't get better than that IMO

5)The Usual Suspects, can never get enough of this movie, it reveals more each time you watch it.

6) Resevoir Dogs, as much as i love Pulp Fiction this movie, which came before it ranks as my favorite of his, great cast on a low budget made for a fantastic crime drama. And i still can't hear "stuck in the middle with you' without cringing slightly to this day

7)Raising Arizona, one of the flat out funniest movies i've ever seen, i can't describe inanity of it, you just have to see it.

8)Clerks, the one that started it all.. Jay and Silent Bob do, well, nothing LOL it's a must for anyone who works in customer service, employees really do have this attitude

9)The Princess Bride, i never get tired of watching this movie for some reason. 'my name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die..'

10) Stand By Me, unbelievably written by Stephen King, a beautiful movie about friendship and growing up.. can never watch it enough IMO

well there's tons more but those are the ultimates on my list


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Date: May 31, 2006

It's alway hard to choose only 10 because there are so many great ones out there!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

2. The Last of the Mohicans

3. Lord of the Rings

4. Blast from the Past

5. The Mask of Zorro

6. Sense and Sensibility

7. Emma

8. Return to Me

9. Shrek 2

10. Monsters Inc.


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Date: May 31, 2006

Ok, here goes...

1.  All the Harry Potter Movies - I love the books and they have done a really good job so far of putting them on the big screen.

2.  Princess Bride - the perfect fairy tale...funny, sweet, and happy in the end (oh yeah, and the bad boy gets the girl)  LOL

3.  Empire Records - a silly little movie I can't get enough of

4.  Goonies - I always wanted to go on an adventure like these guys. Loved it as a kid and one of my must haves on DVD.

5.  Ocean's Eleven (original version) - Nobody can do it like the Rat Pack!

6.  The Breakfast Club - I love this movie!  Everybody knows someone like each of the characters.  My favorite part is at the end when you find out what they wrote and the line about you see us in the most convenient terms...

7.  LOTR Triology - I've never read the books, but it's amazing how they brought it to life.

8.  All of the Original Star Wars Movies - Watched them many, many times as a child, especially Return of the Jedi.

9.  Lion King - I can't wait until my daughter picks up on this one.  I'll be more than glad to watch it with her over and over again.

10.  Clerks - I love almost all of the Kevin Smith movies, but I think this is my fav.  Maybe it's Dante's snarkiness or the whole black and white thing, but this one wins out slightly over Dogma.


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Date: May 31, 2006

Here goes, but I always tell people that asking me to pick a favorite movie is like asking a parent to pick a favorite child.

1. Much Ado About Nothing

2. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

3. Star Trek First Contact

4. The Phantom of the Opera

5. Raiders of the Lost Ark

6. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

8. Protocol

9. Pride and Prejudice (A&E miniseries)

10. Sense and Sensibility

11. Emma


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Date: May 31, 2006

ok here is my list

1. LOTR Trilogy ( the best movies ever made IMO)

2. The Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Finding Nemo (so cute)

4. The Lion King (i watched that movie like 500 times when i was little)

5. Star Wars Trilogy

6. All of the Harry Potter movies (other than the LOTR movies theses ones are the best movies that have been made from books)

7. The Matrix Trilogy ( GREAT si-fi movies)

8. Shrek

9. The X-Men Trilogy (I love these movies even though i have not yet seen the 3 one)

10. Weekend at Bernie's (this is one of the funniest movis ever)


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Date: Jun 1, 2006


1. willy wonka and the chocolate factory: chocolate AND gene wilder, can i get any better???
2.breakfast at tiffany's...audrey hepburn was awesome! holly is my hero!
3. terms of endearment- i always cry at the end
4. places in the heart- tear jerker... love the sets!!
5. airplane- any of them !! 'don't call me shirley...'
6. blazing saddles... mel brooks!!!
7. gone with the wind... the ultimate chick flick!!!!
8. the usual suspects... kevin spacey was terrific
9. king of hearts... foreign film... too long since i have seen it
10. young frankenstein... gene wilder and mel brooks....
10. pulp fiction.... odd, quirky, different....

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Date: Jun 2, 2006



3)THE NOTEBOOK: (one of the few movies that has ever made me cry.....)

4)STAR WARS TRILOGY: (4,5,6)... The new one's are crap and i won't accept them to be star wars)

5)THE MATRIX: (2,3 are so strange and just rubbish that once again i won't accept them)

6)MONTY PYTHON TRILOGY(Holy Grail, Life of Brian, the Meaning of Life):

7)DONNIE DARKO: (So bloody cool don't even have words for it!)                                               



10)ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND: ( Must watch the whole thing, even though its odd)

-- Edited by Kiwi at 07:28, 2006-06-28



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Date: Jun 3, 2006

In no particular order:

Star Wars all of them


Star Trek

The Fifth Element

Saving Private Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


A Knights Tale


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