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Post Info TOPIC: Carlton Cuse-Adam Horowitz Interview

Yay Lost!!

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Date: May 29, 2006
Carlton Cuse-Adam Horowitz Interview

Destination L.A. Children's Defense Fund Charity Event

May 20, 2006

Jennifer Godwin (JG): I was watching Evangeline Lilly on Leno the other night, and she was saying it's rough doing international press because they ask the same questions as the American press, just a year later. So, if you were the press, what would you ask you with three days to go before the finale? And I know, I'm totally lazy, making you do my job for me.

Carlton Cuse (CC): I'd ask...Is there going to be any romance in the finale? And the answer is yes.

JG: Is 42 the sixth number because it's the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--assuming the first five numbers when considered outside of the show are Yankee jersey numbers?

CC: You know, we can't comment about the numbers. The numbers are one of those things--I can't say.

JG: Because the numbers are a pain in your ass! Someone said next season is "Us versus Them." This season had a lot of conflict: man of faith, man of science, people breaking up, tailies versus midsection.

CC: Tailies versus fuselage--this is a Fuselage party after all.

JG: Is next season everyone joins forces against "Them" and stops fighting and trying to hurt each other?

CC: I will say that the next season is a lot about the Others. That's...there's a lot of mysteries about the Others that we'll be getting into next year.

JG: Michael Emerson is supposedly joining the cast. Michael Emerson, yes, no, can you confirm?

CC: Um...I will neither confirm nor deny at this point.

JG: Alex is probably--of all the new Other people introduced--the most popular.

CC: Really?

JG: Which could be bad, because she's 16 in real life, and it could get kind of jailbaity.

CC: She's 18! The actress is 18. She has the same birthday as me so I know she's 18.

JG: Will we see more of Alex next season?

CC: Um, yes.

JG: Will she be reunited with her mother?

CC: I hope so!

JG: You have a lot of boys on the show, and very few girls at this point. Would you guys intentionally correct that imbalance, um, I
assume the story has to tell you how to do it, but how would you approach maybe getting more--

CC: Well, I mean, we haven't met all of the Others, and we haven't met all of the survivors of the plane crash yet.

JG: A lot of the redshirts have a kind of following among the fans. Would you bring forward one of actors who's been playing sort of a
background role like a Craig or a Steve/Scott--

CC: Neil Frogurt!

JG: Yes, Frogurt.

CC: Neil Frogurt. Adam [Horowitz] and Eddie Kitsis, who write on the show--would you like to comment on Neil Frogurt arriving on the show next year?

Adam Horowitz (AH): I would say that I can neither confirm nor deny, but what I can say is Neil Frogurt is very close to my heart. And hopefully to the hearts of a lot of Americans. That is the hope.

CC: You could probably go a little further with what you say.

JG: Tell me more, tell me more!

AH: We are working diligently to bring Neil Frogurt on the air.

JG: Have you cast him?

AH: No.

JG: Okay, here's a big question: Scott was eulogized, but rumor has it that it was actually Steve that was killed, even though Hurley apologized for calling Scott Steve. Which one is really alive?

CC: I have no idea.

JG: That's your official executive producer answer? You have no idea?

AH: We actually have a notecard on the board in the room that says "Scott is dead, Steve is alive."

CC: Yes.

AH: We'd lost track.

CC: Scott's dead, Steve's alive.

JG: What surprised you most about the season?

CC: How awesome Michael Emerson was. I think he was going to come on for a couple of episodes--originally, storywise, we thought he might be in two--and he ended up being in eight or nine because he was so amazing.

JG: When he said "They're going to crucify me," I said I hope they actually crucify him, because he's devil. But I dunno, he might good. Ethan seems to think he might be good.

CC: No crucifications coming up.

JG: Will we learn anything about the characters we know from the show through the Lost Experience?

CC: The Lost Experience will provide, you know, really, mythology about the Hanso Foundation which obviously relates to what's going on on the show. I mean, you won't have to have gone through the Lost Experience to enjoy the show, but it will definitely deepen your knowledge of the world of the show and the mythology, if you gather all the information over the course of the summer.

JG: But we won't necessarily stumble across surveillance photos of Jack when he was 14?

CC: No surveillance photos of Jack.

JG: Are Sawyer and Kate gonna have sex next season? I vote yes.

CC: Are Sawyer and Kate gonna have sex next season? I don't know, Adam, what do you think, yes or no?

AH: Yes or no? Will they have sex? I'm gonna go with: Watch.

CC: He's good! He should be in the CIA. I think he wants to have--I think he wants to see them have sex.

AH: Wanting to see them have sex and them actually having sex are sometimes very far apart, but we build bridges at Lost. But we will check you off under the "yes" column.


It Doesn't Matter Who We Were Before ...

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Date: Jul 11, 2006

No Skater sex ......


It Doesn't Matter Who We Were Before ...

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Date: Jul 11, 2006

Well, Sawyer can have a dream if they wish


"Gamers don't sleep. They just nap between levels."

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Date: Jul 11, 2006

LionQueen wrote:

Well, Sawyer can have a dream if they wish looking for a fight?? I'm sure the skaters will bewatching youLOL


Moonlight mod

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Date: Jul 27, 2006

LionQueen wrote:

No Skater sex ......

Lion, you'd better be glad that i like you or who knows what would happen


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